4-Letter Domain Names Net 4-Figure Sales

Sales of two 4-letter domain names on Sedo.com yesterday netted 4-figure each for doju.com and dddo.com. Doju.com was sold for $2,000, while the high bidder for dddo.com paid $1,800. With just over 13 hours to go on its Sedo auction, wufi.com is now up to $1,451. My 5-letter Zoles.com continues to sit at $1,200 with under 2 days left to go on the auction. However, its getting a lot of views (i.e., traffic). In only 5 days 426 people have viewed my Sedo auction for zoles.com. I still have faith that it will go higher, being only 5 letters with excellent branding capabilities. Go to Sedo.com and click on “Featured Auctions” to see it.

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