EBay Auction: Four 4-Letter LLLL Dot Com’s

I’ve justed posted four separate eBay auctions for individual 4-letter dot com domain names, or as we say in internet jargon four LLLL domain names. The domains up for auction are RYFY.com, (Right You For You), OLWV.com (On-Line West Virginia), PDYK.com (Paid Daily Yahoo King), OXWB.com (Online Xtreme Web Broadcasting). Of course I’m just having fun with what the acronyms could mean or be used for if you owned them. RYFY is actually pronounceable (Rye-Fi) and could be very brandable. I see this one being used easily for a new product and would make a great trademark, like RyFy industries, for example.  To view the domains, just go to eBay and search for auctions by seller “bizgenie” without the quotes.

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