Zoles.com Bids Jump to $1,200 on Sedo

3 Days ago I launched a 7-day auction on Sedo.com for one of my 5-letter domains — Zoles.com. After receiving bids of $800, followed by $1,200, I decided to move the domain to a 7-day auction at Sedo. With 4 days and 13 hours left on the auction, 173 people have visited it thus far.

I’ve also started auctions on TDNam.com for several 4-letter domain names, including NSUY.com, RCUY.com, UAYN.com, VPEH.com and more. I’ve noted that 4-letter domain names on Sedo are starting at $60 each and selling for much higher, with many going over $1,000 each. Duju.com sold on Sedo yesterday for $2,000. I currently own 196 4-letter domains so I’m very curious about the value of these domains. I sold two on eBay today, Xipm.com (you may remember it from this blog) and BSYV.com for only $107 each. These two sales once again proved that Ebay is not the best place to sell your domain name.

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  1. Ebay Private Auctions…

    Extremely interesting post, a slightly bit different opinion than others, but still OK….

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