Auction Sails to $2,505,000 With 4 Days to Go!

What can I say?  My prediction that would sell for over $1,000,000 has not only come true, but $1 million dollars now seems like a distant memory.  With over 4 days to go on this 7-day auction, may very well be on the way to setting a domain name sales record.  The folks at Sedo have to be happy, given the fact that they will earn a 10% commission on the auction, assuming their standard rates apply. 

The total number of bids have leapfrogged to 63 bids in all.  The reserve price has now been met, so its clear the domain name will sell.  I predict the staggering rate it has skyrocketed will now slow down, as the number of players that can afford over $2.5 million has to have narrowed.  Nonetheless, this has been a fun ride and the buzz over this domain name auction is surely to last for a long period of time. Auction Jumps to $999,999 With 5 Days to Go!

If you questioned my thinking when I predicted last night that would sell for over $1 millon dollars, doubt me no more.  With 5 days and 12 hours remaining on its 7-day auction at Sedo, has 30 bids and a high bid only $1,001 short of the million dollar mark at $999,999.  This puppy is screaming and is going down in domain name sales lore as one of the biggest sales of the past 2 years, mark my word. 

Just to prove how value a great single word domain name might be, whether it is a dot com or not, the domain name is also on a 7-day auction at and also has 5 days and 12 hours remaining. currently has 6 bids with a high bid of $49,999 and lots of time to spare.  It’s going to be interesting to see just how high a dot net domain can sell. 

It’s time now for my readers to wake up and post a comment.  To the lucky commentor that guesses the closet to the actual selling price of I will give you free, the 4-letter dot com domain name  So click the blue button below and file your comment and final bid estimate for now.

Oh My God! Shoots to $621,000 Overnight!

It appears that my prediction that will sell for over $1,000,000 will come true. With 5 days and 22 hours left on its 7-day Sedo domain name auction, this domain sale has shot from $403,500 when I wrote about it last night to $621,000 today. What more — the auction’s reserve price still has not been met. This is a sheer adrenalin rush watching this baby pick up ever-higher bids, with 29 bids received thus far.

In other news, there have been several premium domain name sales on Sedo the past couple of days that have raised more than few eyebrows. sold for $25,000 (a shocker), sold for $55,000 (probably could have gone for more) and sold for (are you ready?) — an unbelievable $25,000. Where are all you people willing to throw away dollars when I’m selling? In reality, the real surpise here is not what the buyer paid for, its the fact that the seller was willing to hold on to it for that long. What’s going on here is obviously the “green is good” fad with renewables, recycling, etc. in developing countries. But whoever thought anyone in the packaging business would be willing to pay this much, unless of course the family name is Green, the company already exists, etc. You never know, and I’ve already spent far too much time talking about

Guess Closest to the Selling Price of and Win

Don’t forget the contest I’m running. Submit a comment to any article I write about before the auction closes, guess what you think the final price will be. The closest estimate to the actual closing price (whether it hits the reserve price or not) will win a free from me — Add you comment by clicking on the blue button below. Bids Hit $403,500 With 6 Days to Go!

I dropped in on Sedo today and lo and behold, much to my pleasant surprise, I saw that was up for sale on a 7-day auction.  With over 6 days to go bids have already ramped up to $403,500 with 23 total bids thus far.  This is going to be a fun one to watch and write about.  I can’t wait to see who ends up winning the bid.  Will it be PizzaHut, Papa John’s, Domino’s or a domain name investor.  The suspense is killing me.  Truly, this is going to be one of the big domain name sales of the year and it won’t surprise me one bit to see the winning sales price top $1 million.  

Free 4-Letter Dot Com to Commentor With Best Sales Price Estimate for 

I invite your opinions on this one.  I’ll give the 4-letter dot com domain name to the site visitor that comes the closest to guessing the sales price for  It it never meets the reserve price and doesn’t sell, I’ll give the domain name to the site visitor that guesses closest to the ending price when the auction expires in 7 days. 

To be eligible to win you must click on the blue button at the bottom of this article and file your estimated sales price in the form of a comment to this article.  Please provide more than just a guess at the sales price.  Feel free to tell us what you think about the domain name and why you think it will sell at the price you guessed.  In the event that two people guess the same price the winner will be the first person to submit the price.   You can keep up with the domain auction by visiting Sedo or reading our article posts here. Bidding Peaks at $175,100 With No Sale

The eBay auction for closed without meeting the reserved price. A total of 66 bids took place over the course of the 7-day auction, with the 66th bid coming in at $175,100. Since that wasn’t enough to surpass the reserve price the domain name went unsold. The auction drew an amazing 2,890 visits, so it was obvious the seller did a good job of pre-promoting his auction, as most domain auctions on Ebay attract less than 150 visitors.

In more news, my research project on determining the value of 4-letter domain names on Ebay versus Sedo and is nearing an end. I’m choosing to keep great 4-letter domain names like and selling off 4-letter domains that contain an X, Y, Z, K, Q or V in them. Ten recent sales of these type of 4-letter dot com’s on averaged only $60 each. Consistently, sales of similar 4-letter domain names on Ebay fetch $52 to $62 each, thus the market for these type of 4-letter domains in these two forum (i.e., Ebay and TDNAM), where domains get very little traffic exposure during a limited period of time, run in the $50 to $60 range. All of these domain names have a true value much greater than this, for there is only a limited number of 4-letter domain names.

An observation of sales on for similar domains reveals that the sellers are setting most of the domains that fall under this category (i.e., 4-letter dot coms with X, Y, Z, K, Q or V) create a reserve price of $60 (basically what the names go for on Ebay or and then once they get the $60 bid they decline the bid and push the domain name into a 7-day auction, whereby they gain much more exposure and end up going for a much higher selling price. It’s all about exposure and marketing baby, and this is one excellent way of doing it. For reference, and as a general footnote, you cannot put a domain name into a 7-day auction on Sedo until it receives a bid. An example of what I’m talking about can be seen in, which with 2 days remaining on its 7-day Sedo auction has 2 bids and is at $300. Examples of the $60 starting point can be found with and, which have 2 days remaining and are still at their single bid of $60 each. Both will likely go for more.