119 Single Dictionary Word Domain Names for Sale

I’ve just posted a “pick of the litter” 10-day domain name auction on eBay.  It’s a very novel concept.  The winning bidder of this auction gets to choose any one domain name from a list of 119 one-word dictionary word domain names I own.  Single word dictionary word domain names are rarely seen up for sale and are the most valuable domain names available.  This auction has an minimum opening bid price of only $9.99 and a very low 3-figure reserve that is far below the true value of any one domain name in the list.  Regardless what the domain name sales for, as long as its above the low reserve price, you can pick any domain name you wish from the list and I’ll transfer it to you within 24 hours, no questions asked.  You can see this eBay auction and all 119 one-word domain names by clicking here.

For Sale – SeekDolphin.com with 18,100 Indexed Google Pages and Tons of Traffic

Call me nuts, but I’ve taken a big chance and posted one of my busiest domains up for sale on eBay.  I’ve owned SeekDolphin.com, an independent search engine site with 18,100 pages indexed in Google, for several years.  The site gets over 3 gigs of traffic monthly and continues to grow in traffic count daily.  This is not just a domain name for sale, but the entire website.  I’m also offering 3 months of free hosting for the site in the auction.  This is a 10-day auction with no minimum reserve price.  The opening bid begins at only 99 cents.  Anyone would be crazy not to bid on this domain.  If you know anything about building your own website you already know that 99.9% of all Internet businesses don’t have this many pages indexed in Google.  Just running an ad for your product on every page of the site would earn you thousands of dollars per year.  I’m selling it to raise money to expand other web businesses I own. 

To bid on SeekDolphin.comclick here.

Xipm.com Auction Closes in 20 Hours!

My 7-day Xipm auction closes in just 20 hours and already has 6 bidders.  Don’t miss out on buying this 4-letter brandable domain name that can be pronounced phonetically, as in Zip-em.  It’s a great domain name for a software product or computer company.  Easy to trademark, easy to brand.  This is one domain name auction you don’t want to miss out on. I started the auction at the low unheard of price of just $15.  After 6 bids the price is now up to $56.  Hurry now, as this domain name is easily worth over $1,000.

25 4-Letter Domain Name Portfolio Auction

I’ve just launched a 3-day eBay auction for a portfolio of twenty five 4-letter domain names.  Included in the list of 25 domains is 13 dot com’s.  Ten of the domain names have the letters NY (for New York) in them.  Two of the domain names would make great blogs for two famous New York Yankees.  Bidding for this valuable collection begins at only 99 cents.  No, this is not a typo.  I started the bidding at 99 cents and the auction has no minimum price, no reserve.   But it ends in 3 days, so you’ll need to act quickly.  Click now to go to this Ebay Auction.

AffiliateDen.com is For Sale!

Yes, I’m certified crazy to be selling AffiliateDen.com for such a low price.  You can choose to buy this great 2-word affiliate marketing theme domain name now for only $299, or place your best bid and see what happens.  If you’re an affiliate marketer, run an affiliate marketing blog, sell affiliate software, want to build an affiliate directory, etc. — this domain name is for you.  I can’t think of an better, shorter 2-word dot com covering the affiliate marketing niche than this one.  It is easy to say, easy to spell and simply unfogettable by your visitors.  Someone seeing your site once would easily remember where to come back to again.   It has the ring and feel of an affiliate marketing blog name.   To place your best bid or buy now for the low price of just $299click here.